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    One of the most important items in any online marketing program is the ability to score very highly in the Search Engines for rankings on keywords used by your potential customers. They go to Google or Bing or Yahoo and they type in a phrase that will attempt to find the kind of company that they are willing to do business with – and this is the kind of response that we can program directly into a client’s website from it’s beginnings!

    We know that. We have built more than five hundred sites for companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to the local plumber's sites--and we know that by adding in a full SEO Campaign to help drive new visitors to your site--you gain big time!

    Being fully involved with dozens of clients means that any Norfolk County SEO consultant needs to know as much about cost effective Canadian SEO as can be learned via research and testing. And we test all the time! The Google algorithm has more than 200+ ranking factors and to be a successful Norfolk County SEO specialist means that we need to be constantly hypothesizing about what ranking factors are in flux, testing for same as a part of a well researched Local SEO campaign and then modifying our on-page and off-page SEO tactics.

    To get a copy of our own SEO Program and Pricing Guide, just click the icon below to download an Acrobat .pdf!

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    We're a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer that has built hundreds of online marketing programs for a host of clients both here in Canada and around the world too!

    From Fortune 500 companies to retail stores and chains, from B2B companies to small service firms and even professionals and consultants too - we have built and optimized sites that have had millions of hits, come up on the first page in search engines and more than that - we build sites that generate new business for our clients day after day.

    So yes, while we feature our SEO skills, we can also of course support your website no matter who hosts it, what technology it uses and yes, we also build brand new WordPress sites too!

      ● Need a brand new WordPress site with SEO built in?
      ● Need something fixed on your site?
      ● Google maps wrong or need some updates?
      ● At CanuckSEO our mission is to support SMB businesses...
      ● We know first hand how much time it takes to operate a small business...
      ● We can build your online marketing strategy to increase your revenues...
      ● So call us today for a chat about your needs...

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    With more than thirty years of experience on the web--back from the days when it was all text based Lynx programming, we know the web.

    We have more than six thousand citations all over the web, we are both very well known and highly respected.

    We've worked on everything from the Local Search Ranking Factors as one of the top forty SEO practitioners on the continent, to speaking at every kind of SEO Conference and Workshops too. Google us to see!

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